Safe Online with Meta

Safe Online with Meta

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Safe Online with Meta Project is a digital literacy and online safety campaign targeted at equipping Nigerian citizens with the skills required to use the internet responsibly and safely.

In the past 5 years, CcHUB has worked with Meta on the Safe Online Campaign and trained 75,107 participants, including learners, teachers, school leaders, parents, youths, and stakeholders from various organisations.

The Safe Online programme's design will move from the usual approach of training students, school leaders, teachers and parents to a more community-of-practice approach. This year the focus will be on how to leverage the power of groups, networks and communities to amplify the campaign on safe and responsible use of the internet.

Establishing a Community of Practice is essential in deepening our capacity and intensifying our effort to sustain the safe and responsible use of the internet platforms in Nigeria. This Community of Practice [CoP] will provide a platform for engaging stakeholders with an interest in Digital Literacy to explore their various domains of interest and co-create strategies capable of supporting Digital Literacy in Nigeria.

Our Impact

Since 2018, we have:


Participants trained


Learning hours spent


Primary and Secondary Schools


Digital Literacy Forums


Safe Online Fests

Our Programmes

Designed to foster internet responsibility & safety

Digital Literacy Workshops

are instructor-led training on digital literacy and online safety for organisations represented in the Digital Literacy community. This is an avenue to disseminate new knowledge that can advance Digital Literacy and Online Safety adoption in Nigeria by increasing awareness among important stakeholders and reducing entry barriers to the adoption of digital literacy and online safety training in organisations and communities across the country.


Images from some of our events

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